Consulting Services

BenchMark Development Group also offers consulting services that span virtually all aspects of running a business efficiently and profitably. Our approach is to apply the appropriate consultant or consulting team to help you achieve your goals and improve your bottom line.

System/Network Consulting Let BenchMark's computer/network experts analyze your system/intranet needs or problems and recommend the most cost-effective solution. Our technicians are experts in LAN and WAN network environments.
Internet Consulting Need to get your business onto the Internet but aren't quite sure how best to do it or how to go about it? Our Internet consultants can analyze your needs and your current setup, then provide you with a detailed plan to make it all happen. If desired, they can play an active supporting role in implementing the plan or even manage it from start to finish.
Situation Evaluation Got a productivity, performance, or profit problem but aren't quite sure exactly what is causing it? Sometimes you're just too close to the problem. Let BenchMark put together a team of experts that can nail down the problem(s) and recommend the best administrative, procedural, or technical solution.


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