About the Company

BenchMark Development Group is a Colorado-based company providing a vast array of technical and computer-related services for a variety of industries nationwide. The company is set up as a virtual enterprise comprised of a vast array of highly talented and seasoned freelance professional resources to meet the training, development, and consulting needs of our clients.

These resources include instructional designers, web designers, writers, programmers, artists, desktop publishers, printers, computer/system consultants, et al. When needed, the appropriate resources are hand-picked for each project team, based on the unique value each brings to the project.

BenchMark operates on a "virtual office" premise. Simply stated, this means that BenchMark representatives are not located under one roof, but rather rely upon advanced communication channels and methods to function as a cohesive team, regardless of their geographic location. An example team might consist of a designer in Miami, a programmer in San Diego, an Internet expert in Denver, and an artist in Australia. All project resources function under the direct supervision of Duane Hume, the owner of BenchMark.

Operating as a virtual office significantly reduces operating overhead...a savings fully realized by our clients. The business model works as well now as it has over the past five years because we adhere rigidly to our company philosophy.

Sample bios of typical BenchMark project resources: Programmer | Artist | System Consultant

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