Training Services

BenchMark Development Group has deep roots in the field of training, particularly as it applies to solving business and/or performance problems. Our instructional designers, authors, and trainers are all seasoned professionals. If you're facing a reorganization, or you're a startup company, or if you're about to roll out a new product, let BenchMark contribute to your success by handling the training aspects...we guarantee to hit the mark and save you money.

Training Analysis/Needs Assessment Performing a comprehensive analysis/assessment enables you to determine who needs what training and when. It can also serve to identify appropriate delivery media and rollout obstacles.This process is valuable when trying to determine the need for employee training programs, customer product training, or as a means of improving your bottom line.
Course/Curriculum Development Custom training designed to meet your specific needs is frequently the most cost-effective approach to solving training-related problems. Off-the-shelf products, while instructionally sound, frequently do not hit the mark in terms of improving employee productivity or customer satisfaction. BenchMark can create seminar-type training sessions, self-paced materials, multimedia products, computer-based training modules, and even Internet-based training. Contact us to see if we have an expert suitable for your needs. We've created training products for the likes of IBM, Novell, Honda, Nissan, Blue Cross, AT&T, and others.
On-Site Computer/Software Training If you have a need for computer or software training for one or more employees, BenchMark can provide you with an on-site dedicated expert. From basic computer literacy to network administration to web development/management to a host of individual software applications (i.e., MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and many, many others).


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